Souk Tabule

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When one of the best ­Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto opened a sleek counter-service spinoff in the then–mostly vacant Canary District, the arrival went largely unnoticed. Two years later, there’s much more activity in the neighbourhood, and the secret’s out about Souk Tabule’s all-day shakshuka.

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Tabule | Fit After 45

“The Tabule Family of Restaurants is made up of 4 uniquely designed venues specializing in Middle Eastern Cuisine: Tabule Midtown, Tabule Riverside, Tabule Bayview and the fast-casual Souk Tabule.

The first restaurant founded in 2005 by Chef Rony Goraichy and Diana Sideris located in Midtown on Yonge Street, quickly earned its place among the finest Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto and its popularity rose from there.

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The 100 best cheap eats in Toronto

Souk Tabüle’s Phoenician fries

They’re listed under “sides” at this sleek, casual Canary District restaurant, but eating fries as a main course is, of course, a Canadian national pastime. Consider this a Middle Eastern riff on poutine: a deep bowl of golden, freshly fried spuds dusted with a generous layer of za’atar, and artfully drizzled with tangy tahini and fresh herbs.

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The Toronto food scene is so abundant, and each month, there seems to be another new place popping up. With so many great restaurants in the city, I think in order to attract (and keep) customers, restaurant owners have to put thought not only into their food, but also into their interior design. Now don’t get me wrong, beautiful décor could never make up for bad food. But, since we are so spoiled for choice in Toronto, we now expect a restaurant to hit all the marks, if it’s going to impress us. We are millennials after all – demanding, aesthetically-driven, Instagram-obsessed, millennials! The owners of Tabülè Middle Eastern Cuisine must understand this concept very well. Tabule is one of my favourite places for Middle Eastern food in the city. So, when I saw pictures of the gorgeous interior of Souk Tabule on Instagram, I knew I needed to get over there STAT. ~ Dine and Fash

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Restaurant Review: Tabule Souk

The folks behind Tabule have done it again, they’ve expanded their Middle Eastern restaurant group to the Canary District with Tabule Souk.  This cafe doubles as a marketplace for all of your favourite, but hard to find, traditional Middle Eastern ingredients- many of which are Tabule’s trademark products.

While the cuisine remains the same (very gluten-free friendly), the concept is different from the other outposts, offering guests a more casual dining experience.  A beautiful and open space, creates great energy and lighting to plug in and work for the day while noshing on some great food. ~ Gluten Freedom Inc

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Hi guys!!!! Is it the weekend yet?!

Holy moly this week’s been one giant whirlwind! A ton of unexpected things kept popping up into my calendar – all good things though, fortunately! You might have caught my insta-story on Wednesday where I shared some of the “behind the scenes” moments of my Brand Ambassadorship with President’s Choice. That was definitely exciting! ~ Inspired By Nick

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Souk Tabule for Brunch, Lunch and Dinner: Toronto

I’m so freaking happy the first restaurant in the “up-and-coming” Canary District is finally open. Souk Tabule — the little sister of Toronto’s Middle Eastern restaurant mogul Tabule — is a fast-casual spot I fell in love with in a hurry. If you read my post about Halifax’s Lion & Bright a few years ago, you understand my affinity for places that are both cafes and bars. I love a place where I can go have coffee and do work in the afternoon, until it’s time for dinner and drinks. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? ~ The Food Girl In Town

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Souk Tabule via BlogTO

Souk Tabule is part of a family of several Tabule locations throughout Toronto serving high end Middle Eastern food. Souk means “market” in Arabic, indicating the fast casual concept behind this part market, part bakery and cafe, part brunch and quick lunch restaurant.

This means those in the Canary District can have a brief or long meal with friends, or pick up coffee and a pastry or ingredients for dinner at a quick pace. They sell their own special blends of spices like zaatar and little jars of the sumac and turmeric they use themselves, and cookbooks. Read More!

Make Tabule’s pomegranate and seared cheese salad

Ignore the pseudo science about pomegranates being a miracle fruit and just appreciate that it is peak pomegranate season, when the ruby-red fruit are the size of softballs and packed with delicious tart juice.

To get a taste of the easiest and tastiest way to serve pomegranates, I headed to Souk Tabule, a new restaurant in a new neighbourhood — the Canary District just east of the Distillery. The casual restaurant is an offshoot of the popular Middle Eastern restaurant Tabule. Chef and co-owner Rony Goraichy has been making this pomegranate salad since Tabule opened its first location in midtown in 2005. Read More!