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Souk Tabule – Ry’s Ratings

Souk Tabule is related to the other Tabule restaurants around Toronto, but offers a very different format in dining. Souk means “market” in Arabic, and that’s the feel they are trying to give to us through their “fast-casual” restaurant experience.

Their Middle Eastern food is healthy and nutritious, allergy-friendly and can easily serve those who eat vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. You can easily pick up or eat in with small groups or very large ones.

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10 new restaurants with beautiful interior design in Toronto

Toronto has its fair share of restaurants with stunning interior design, but within the past six months there’s been an influx of spots that have taken things up a notch. These new restaurants aren’t just a must-visit for their food, but for their breathtaking settings as well.

Here are 10 new restaurants with beautiful interior design in Toronto.

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Photo credit: Hector Vasquez